Order of the Falcon

The Prologue Recap

A quick recap for those who might not have made it to the last session. The party found the missing ingredients of the cure. But along the way, they ran into a Worg of trouble and met a new druid friend along the way.

At the witch’s house, they realized that the witch is actually long been dead but yet her conscious is placed in her spell book, now in the possession of Alchemist. Also, the Halfling was able to come across a magical item that allows him to psychically whisper to anyone he wants. A nice little find if I do say so myself.

In the ruins of the dwarves monastery, they ran into quite a bit of trouble with wolves, kobold assassins, and a Worg. They made a dead with the Worg to help clean out the monsters and trouble in his “new home” and the adventurers agreed to it. Cleaning out the area, they came across a shrine that was missing a stone, they made note of this find. While cleaning out the area, they came across a secret passage to a hidden jail and a low and behold, they found the missing cure right under the nose of the Worg. So they took them and snuck away, back to the their camp to sleep for the night and the Worg thought nothing of it. The party got away and ran back to the town and saved the sick from death. And was handsomely rewarded.

But yet this chapter isn’t over yet, what trouble did the heroes leave behind in the Monastery? Only time…will tell.


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